Monday, October 13, 2008

Contratulations to Emily & Aunt Rachel

I have a wonderfully creative and generous sister. My girls are so lucky to have her. Each year Rachel enters the Maryland Make It With Wool competition. She has been doing it for probably 10 years or more. Once she had nieces she decided to sew for them and have them model in the competition. So this year she made Emily a GEORGEOUS red wool coat trimmed in velvet. This year Rachel won Reserve Adult Champion with Emily's coat. Emily was so excited because the prize was a mini Singer sewing machine. I can not tell you how excited she was about this! All she talks about is wanting to sew on HER machine. My sister has created a monster. :) Here is a picture of Aunt Rachel in her wool outfit and Emily in her wool coat. Yes Rachel's is all wool! The top is a wool crepe she got in London. I think she said it was Vanentino.