Monday, July 7, 2008


I am so happy summer is here.  For us it means lots of picking.  We pick strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and pumpkins in the fall.  Once our garden comes in we will be picking tomatoes and pole beans.  Earlier this spring we has sweet peas. 
 Oh they were yummy!  We had a big enough crop we were able to freeze some.  I love watching my girls go down to the vines and pick and eat them right on the spot.  To me that is the way it should be.  Every kid needs to know where food co
me from, how much work it takes to produce it and then how to enjoy the food item.

But I diegress.  The past week we have gone blueberry picking two times.  It has been awesome.  Easy pickings this year and Emily has been able to pick more than she eats!  Molly will reach out her hand when we get out of the van and sign 'eat' as soon as she sees the plants.  We pick our berries and take them back up to the farm house to weigh them.  The first picking we had 10 lbs and today we had 7 lbs.  Tonight we had blueberry pancakes with home made blueberry syrup.  I think everyone should have blueberry syrup.  Here is a recipe and dirrections: Blueberry Syrup  I did the 1/2 sugar option and it was sweet enough!!  Here are a few pics of us and the blueberries:

No that is not me and my husband.  These people are my parents.  Also known as Grandma and Pappap.  They LOVE being grandparents and spending time with the girls doing activities likes these are what they thrive on.

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